The following medical information will be provided to medical personnel in the event of a medical emergency.

Rockford MakerSpace Agreement & Waiver Information

By becoming a Member of Rockford MakerSpace, you are agreeing to follow and live by the Rockford MakerSpace Bylaws and Standing Rules that are posted on our wiki. If you choose not to follow our Bylaws or Standing Rules (as determined by the board), you will be asked to leave the community. You also agree to pay your membership dues by the first of each month. If dues are over 30 days past due you will be asked to turn in your keyfob and you will forfeit your membership with Rockford MakerSpace. As a Member you are not allowed to make copies of your key fob to the space and you agree not to loan or give your keyfob to another individual. You are responsible to return your key fob back to Rockford MakerSpace if you desire to cease being a Member.

As a Member of Rockford MakerSpace you are agreeing that in the event of being injured or harmed from tool usage, carelessness, or any other unforeseen reason you will not and cannot hold Rockford MakerSpace or any other member responsible. You are agreeing to waive your legal rights or personal actions against Rockford MakerSpace, its Directors or its Members. As a Member you have chosen to act as an individual and accept all responsibilities for any possible accidents, injury, or wrongful doing.

Rockford MakerSpace has the right to modify or change this Agreement at any time.