The Raspberrians

The Raspberrians is a group with a shared interest in micro-electronic, single-board computer (SBC) and similar systems, and electronics in general. These systems include Arduino, Raspberry Pi (from which we got our name), BeagleBone, etc.

Some of the projects we have worked on, or have planned for the future, include:

  • a Raspberry Pi-based access management system utilizing RFID to allow member access to the facility
  • a raspi-based retro desktop arcade gaming system
  • a point-of-sale system for supplies and materials at the makerspace
  • a digital photo booth
  • building a 3D printer
  • automation of home brewing
  • advanced home automation and security
  • sensors for gardening automation
  • robotics
  • drones
  • and many more

Come to one of our meetups. Ask questions. Learn. Share ideas. Join in on projects — or one of your own!